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Red Crickets

Alienation, love, power dynamics, people from marginal enviroments and abnormality in different levels; a road trip to an individuals extistence. This is how singer Perttu Lempinen analyses his lyrics while naming some of his influences Allen Ginsberg and other beat era poets, Lou Reed and finnish Hannu Salama.

Musical genre, indierock, flows in the spirit of 60s and 70s with it’s vintage sounds. You could also refer to it as Underground Pop. The melodic part is constructed from strong keyboards (Rhodes, Hammond, Mellotron etc.) and lively guitar, witch combine with the slightly distorted bass and charateristic drums. The Beatles, The Doors, Wigwam, Bob Dylan and Velvet Underground have had influence in the band. The self title debut album from 2013 is sold out. Second album II was released 2016 and a third and the last album III was released 2019 only on digital.

Line up on I album

Perttu Lempinen: Vocals
Roy Gonzalez: Keys, Backing vocals, Melodica
Marko Karjalainen: Drums, Mellotron, Percussions, Melodica
Miikka Mäkipaakkanen: Bass
Jari Räävi: Guitar
(Line up from the first album).

Guest star: Jani Pietilä: Guitar Solo (Blind)

Lineup on II album

Perttu Lempinen: Vocals
Roy Gonzalez: Keys
Marko Karjalainen: Drums, Mellotron, Percussions, Melodica
Tapio Laxtröm: Bass
Tuomas Polo: Electric Guitar


Jonas Olsson: Percussions on tracks 5,6,7
Jari Räävi: Clarinet on tracks 1,3


Lineup on III album

Perttu Lempinen: Vocals
Miko Väistö : Keys, Backing vocals
Jonne Saari: Drums
Otso Helasvuo: Bass
Tuomas Polo: Guitar
Roy Gonzales: Acoustic Guitar, Backing vocal