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Con Trane


Concentrate on waking up; see through sheets so soft that it makes me wanna sleep until the next night. Boiled eggs, sunlight coming inside the shack. Corrugated iron is a theatrical act. Shack, in the middle of a meadow. You can call it “Little house in the prairie” if you like. No phones, no calls, no electricity, no city, no running water, no running. Just the tempting meadow outside. Naked I walk to take my morning bath. Fall in the air, the leaves are brown just like in the song. I sink in in the bathtub letting my body lay down in the bottom. It opens the doors and my life was there to see. Right in front of me. Shit. I have fallen many times, I have been abusing, using, losing, choosing things, stuff, people, animals, cars, houses, wives, bosses, fuckers and other biblical happenings. Never of my own choice. I´ve been trying really hard. It never worked for me. I never got it. I never catch the ball. I´m on my way out of this now. It´s called; My way. Have you heard? Cold train´s gonna come, cold rain´s gonna come. You hand me a fork and a knife now and I will eat it up! You hear! Golden train is gonna come and pick me up. I will sit on the best seat without fear. The hanging tree of life is  looking suspicious, I might skip that one. Oh, there´s a waterfall, looks nice. The water is mothers milk! And just as my dream was fulfilling every cent of my body, some hairy arm grapped my shoulder and …” Get the fuck outta here you hobo!” He shouts. I was gone. Black sweat dripping from my nose, I was down again. I got an address from a bar nearby, two pistols and a goodluckgrin. She hands me a newborn and life begun again. Justice for all. Where´s mine and where´s the bank I need money. The education didn´t go to waste. The money is in the bank. But before that I did try the band things, well it didn´t go as I expected. The drummer forgot the darts in the sticks and ended up killing the audience one by one. Not that we had many but the law enforcement where once again on our tail. Without rehearsals I went in and shot in the air, or ceiling and said in a normal voice” The money, hands in the air and just wave it like you just don´t care, I only want the money”. They gave it to me and I run. Oh, boy did I run. The golden train picked me up again, I sent a postcard from the other side of the planet to my beloved ones. Then came the fall again .I don´t know what happened next. But I was lucky I guess. I´m still here. Are You? – Janne Ratia