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Juudas Iskariotin Suudelma

This Finnish underground band was born from Antti Tuonela’s desire of making new kind of oriental ethnic music, shimmering strongly with eastern spirit. The group name means The Kiss of Judas Iscariot. Around 2009 Miikka, Antti and Marko jammed at varjotaiteidenyö and they formed the band. On their first CD-R release from 2010 Topi Laitinen played soprano saxophone, but on the 2012 album he had left and Tuomas Polo entered with his guitar.

The personnel change altered to the group’s musical style, bringing western musical elements merging to the more minimalist eastern dronings. The 2012 album is named “Novaja Zemlja”, this meaning “The New Land”, and possibly referring to the Russian island where so far largest nuclear device was detonated in year 1961. The elements of ethnic world music, samanist primitivism, fiery polka whirls and hypnotic stoner rock passages are mixture with energetic punk attitude, allowing musical sensations for those interested in tribal psychedelia, ethnic progressive rock fusions and convincing incense odored local underground acts. One reference of their music could be Third Ear Band’s archaic visions altered to more dynamic context of the club stages.

Second album ’Anarkistan’ was released 2017 and third album ’Vulgaria’ came out on 23.10.2020 with some changes in lineup.
(Eetu Pellonpää. Edited by TT & TP)

Antti Tuonela: Accordion, Transverse Flute, Tenor Sax
Vesa Laiho: Drums
Miikka Mäkipaakkanen: Bass
Tuomas Polo: Guitar